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This productivity software includes Activity and Expense Tracker, Invoice Tracker, Invoice Creator, Income Tracker, Password Tracker, Contact Tracker, Schedule Tracker, Task Tracker, Vehicle Expense Tracker, Version Tracker, Writer's Helper, Inventory Tracker and the Universal Calculator. Small Business Tracker runs on and shares data between most computers including Windows and Macintosh operating systems. 10 Day Free Trial.

Publisher description

Small Business Tracker Deluxe is a productivity suite that allows self-employed professionals, or small businesses, to keep track of their time, expenses, contacts, appointments, schedules, invoices, passwords, products, supplies and even inventory. It can be used for any number of products or projects, and easily generates reports and invoices for printing or exporting. Users can set preferences for date and time formats, currency symbols, colors and more. *** Small Business Tracker Deluxe includes: * Activity and Expense Tracker - Personalized time management tool. * Invoice Tracker - Details how much is still owed and by whom. * Inventory Tracker - Records purchases and sales and generates detailed reports. * Invoice Creator - Create Invoices from products in Inventory Tracker and customers in Contact Tracker. * Expense Tracker - Track tax deductible expenses, checking accounts, print checks, and create tax form reports. * Other Income Tracker - Record income from a variety of sources. * Password Tracker - Collects valuable passwords in one easy-to-access place. * Contact Tracker - send form letters to clients and vendors. * Schedule Tracker - Appointment tool helps create printable schedules. * Task Tracker - A handy To Do List generator. * Vehicle Expense Tracker - Allows users to easily and accurately record data for tax purposes. * Version Tracker - Keeps track of changes between document versions. * Writer's Helper - Quickly creates drafts of letters, articles, etc. * Universal Calculator - Computes numbers, dates, times, measurements and currency conversions. *** A Guided Tour is included. * Get FREE Customer Support if you need it. * Users can set preferences for date and time formats, currency symbol, colors and more. * Small Business Tracker Deluxe runs on and shares data between most computers, including Windows 8/7/Vista/NT/XP and Macintosh OSX operating systems, but will NOT run in a shared environment on a server.

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